Denise cory Hart Teacher SPIRITUAL READINGs Consulting CoachinG Healer

Denise cory Hart Teacher SPIRITUAL READINGs Consulting CoachinG Healer

Denise cory Hart Teacher SPIRITUAL READINGs Consulting CoachinG HealerDenise cory Hart Teacher SPIRITUAL READINGs Consulting CoachinG HealerDenise cory Hart Teacher SPIRITUAL READINGs Consulting CoachinG Healer

"My Passion is to support you to achieve your hearts passion & purpose; thriving in  wellness, success & happiness." 

Inner Light Teacher I Coach I Consultant I Innovator


  Make an Impact!! Discover all there is to know about my services!!. Enjoy, take a moment to drop me a line.. I will inspire your passion to thrive and I will guide how to re-write your life with purpose, be prosperous, be inspired, be create you &new life!! 

Let's Create your success together!!!!


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About Denise Cory Hart



" In my sessions with Denise, she guided me with her unique ways, to sense and see my gifts and talents that were in hiding. She is inspirational  and balanced with practicality, on how to ground these visions into working in present day reality. I love Denise's unique motivating and innovative ways that helped me create with confidence, living my dreams. Best investment I made. I am living my dreams now!! Thank you, Denise!!!"

If you have been asking your self and/or, God/Spirit/Divine/ Creator -- what is the next chapter or book of your life -- you have landed at the right place at the right time! 

This moment is called; Serendipity and Trust this connection was, Divinely Orchestrated by the Heavens; that I have been called to you. Called to Coach, Consult, Teach and Inspire - you to re-birth into your greater self.  I and the Heavens will deliver for you; it truly will be a vey  exciting time for you to re-write your life, to fulfill your  purpose, be prosperous and feel the joy of being in alignment with your higher soul self!!



About Inner Light Teacher - Denise Cory Hart Denise has been on her spiritual quest since age 16.  Her background is from 20 + years of a myriad of trainings and courses: Wholistic Health - Integrated Food and Nutrition Healing Systems, Hindu based - Chakra System, Tibetan Bowl - Sound healing methods, Native American Spirituality, Crystal Healing and Balancing,    Bio-field Tuning Fork Balancing,  Meditation, Angel Healing, Chanting, Christ Consciousness Spirituality and a plethora of self-help and energetic healing modalities, studies and wisdoms. As an artist, Denise loves blending her expertise incorporating what she has learned, to draw upon these wisdoms when working with her clients.  

Crystal Store...

In 2007 I purchased my enchanting store, 

Star Light Hawaii Crystals & Treasures. I had 1,000's of visitors and Friends of Star Light yearly, from all over the world buying Star Light Crystals. I would hear daily people thanking me for being there as "light house" -- how beautiful and special my shop was; it pulsed as....                "The Heart and Light House"

Short story....Star Light Hawaii closes, 

March 2019

In 2018- 2019, out of the blue a very toxic -disrupting change came in next door, to move me to a positive new location. My store was coerced in corroboration with the toxic cigar  tenant bombarding my lovely store daily with toxic cigar & marijuana smoke through my open windows and doors. This corrupt landlord after my 15 month battle did not resign my lease at the end of March 2019, after my Star Light shop being there for 18 years. She gave my space to the toxic cigar tenant to turn into a smoke lounge. Messed up? Well the light shone forth to show me this was a blessing in disguise, to remove me from this toxic environment and to be shown the bigger picture of Grace.....

Fast forward....

Just as the year 2019 was to end, clarity came to me and what I was seeing was a move to  mainland ... calling me. It was suggested to stay open to the how. One way was to invite into this time of expansion -- a Philanthropist, that is in Diving alignment with my plans. to expand Star Light into a larger Wellness Shop to teach classes with other Wholistic Wellness  Practitioners. I am truly grateful to be free and moving on from the toxicity, to a much lighter and brighter horizons. I am blessed and in time I have been shown the vibration will grow higher and brighter....

What was.....

12 years of special sweet memories...            

Star Light Hawaii Crystals & Treasures.....

I loved my special crystal shop as did 1000's of wonderful customers -- Friends of Star Light. I am grateful for the outpouring love and support that I received. My retail shop was in business for  12 successful years and a total of 18 years at my location. Star Light was always shining brightly and friends of Star Light would return year after year. I was told over and over this closure was a blessing in disguise and to trust the bigger picture that was Divinely being orchestrated to get out!


I have a online store that is under construction and will be called, Starlight Gemz. It is a work in progress and I am seeking to relocate to the mainland as a Wellness Boutique 2020. 

UPDATE: December 2019 -
2020 A Blessed Wholesome
New Year

I was spiritually guided to           fundraise and create a               'Go Fund Me' account. I am inviting in donations to relocate my new Star Light Wellness Shop  and move to the mainland...if you would like to make a donation to support my new location of
Starlight Gemz Wellness Boutique...
I am eternally grateful, as my purpose is to inspire people into wellness, purpose and success. 
I will pay your support  forward generously!! 

Go Fund Me​

Energy Power of Crystals....

Enlightening facts: crystals are a conduit of energy, they vibrate at their own frequency the way cells and chakras do. When coming into contact with crystals, they can enhance your spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing.

My favorite quote is from one of the most enlightened and genius of a scientist.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe,             think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

-Nikola Tesla

No woo-woo...scientific facts

How my Spiritual journey began....

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           List of Services                


I love teaching, coaching and consulting those who's hearts desire is to expand into a new life as a - Leader, Entrepreneur, Light Teacher, Light Worker, Healer, Mover & Shaker, Be Healthier & More.... the possibilities are infinite....

"Denise has a very innovative and eclectic style that intrigues the heart and  higher mind to synergistically see and believe; 

that your dreams are possible; to collaborate,  co-create and manifest your calling.

Denise will genuinely guide you to connect to your piece of the Divine's Blueprint. 

To strengthen your connection to the Source of All and your higher soul self. 

Get ready for an amazing journey to discover and live your life's dreams healthier and happier" 

I love to inspire and activate the higher mind consciousness with many  colorful and intriguing systems. Before you know your heart will be on fire and your mind infused with vibrant-colorful possibilities. Your body craving wellbeing. Your higher knowing soul has patiently been orchestrating; for you to see, co-create and subsequently; do what has been encoded into your heart and soul as your pre-designed -       soul blueprint. 

Take the next step and begin today with, 

Denise Cory Hart.



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Clients say....

"Believe and be certain you will be in caring and loving hands with Denise Cory Hart, she has a heart of pure intent and will help you thrive and succeed in discovering your purpose. Denise will uniquely help you unveil your hearts desire and get your passion on as you create together.."

More Clients say...

." Denise is soft and strong; compassionate and highly aware; discerning and wise.; strategic and insightful. Denise will coach you to expand into your greatest healthiest self".

"Be ready to activate that heart muscle, which will inspire desire and passion to live your hearts desires. When challenges arised or old habits were stubborn, to change -- Denise will nudge you to stay motivated to move forward to stay committed and you will happily see the results. 

I hired Dense for her six month  Eagle program to review in-depth my life script. Each session we were re-writing my life,  creating my  new life. I was totally committed to purging patterns that were the obstacles. Now I am living my soul blueprint in 3-D Action!!!! Thank you Denise, your are so gifted!!!"

'Denise has  a mountain of compassion, insights, wisdom, techniques, innovative strategies, intuitive guidance, that will inspire you to create and live your passion! I wish I had contacted Denise years ago!"





Our life is the masterpiece we have the opportunity to co-create be in Divine Alignment....




You will feel safe, and in trust; as I love to help those that are saying "yes" to see, their inner light; to transform, birth into purpose and blossom into wholeness.. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

If you are being called to have your, Inner Light activated and your passion burning bright, 

ready to manifest prosperity for the Higher Good. - Divine Blueprint... Contact me today.

Set up your free 20 min consultation now. 

You will know, if this is your time to receive the support, inspiration, guidance, help that I have to offer, to be of service to you.....

I invite you to go deep and listen to...  

what you  have been asking for consciously and           sub-consciously, to tune into your higher self. 

I am honored to share my gifts and 

skills of expertise with you. 




Service List

"Be Inspired to live and create with your inner light." Co-create your purpose, calling & enlightenment." Inner Light Teacher - Denise Cory Hart

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